I have been a client of Worldwide Precious Metals (Canada) Ltd. for over five years. John Downes (President) has been very thorough in providing me with timely recommendations that have allowed me to realize a significant gain on my original investment. I enjoy the newsletter, account access 24/7 as well as the service provided by the administration at Worldwide. I have no hesitation in recommending them as a bullion dealer.

Tina Scarlett Smith
Accountant, Absolute Accounting Ltd.
North Vancouver, British Columbia
In July of 2008 I opened an account with WWPM and bought silver based on my expectation that precious metals and specifically silver are in a secular bull market. The salesman that I dealt with, Rob McInerney was helpful in providing me with the information and sending out the receipts and forwarding internet articles pertaining to precious metals. Since July of 2008 until July of 2009 while not making money on every buy, so far it has definitely been a profitable account. The several times I have asked for funds to be sent to me, I have received them promptly, usually within a day or two. I would caution any potential customers that WWPM does charge a 5% commission at purchase and 2% at sale which does add up. Also, precious metals, although in a bull market do not move all that fast, you are not going to get rich quick, and are likely to get poor quick if you leverage a purchase too much, the price does occasionally fall. I hope to continue a profitable business relationship with this company for many years to come.

Nathan Kopp
I have been a client of Dave Belanger, World Wide Precious Metals (Canada) LTD for almost five years.  When I opened my account in 2008, my husband of 47 years had just passed, and the economy had tanked.  I became interested in precious metals as a possible way to invest.  After contacting WWPM, and having had discussions with Dave and also some of the staff, I was beginning to feel right at home.

What I am especially happy about is the ease and convenience of this type of investing.

Dave e-mails me once a week with updates, and we have had many conversations about the market, how it works, and the state of the economy.  Needless to say,  I have been enlightened.

Dave has handled my account with the utmost expertise, and has taken a lot of time explaining different options for me to take, therefore, my initial investment has done well.

I have a lot of faith in World Wide Precious Metals and Dave.  I would recommend Dave Belanger to anyone in a heartbeat.


Linda Deatrick
Novato, CA
To whom it may concern,

I have been working with Worldwide Precious Metals specifically Rob McInerney for a little over a year now. Rob and the staff at Worldwide have been helpful and informative in assisting me with my interests in precious metals. I consistently receive updates on my account status and although I control my investment Rob is useful when presenting my options. I can comfortably say that my experience working with Rob has been pleasurable and should you have any questions about my experience with Worldwide feel free to contact me by email.


Chris Bida, Pharmacist
Rose City Pharmacie Ltd.
I grew up on a farm in rural Manitoba. After high school I attended university and received a Master of Science degree in Statistics. My career had two paths. For 12 years I taught Statistics at university. Then I went grain farming in rural Manitoba where I grew up. For a few years I worked at both careers. In 2000 I quit farming and went back to teaching Statistics at university.

I heard Harold Siegel on a radio broadcast and made some inquiries. Those broadcasts kept pointing out the value of precious metals and referred me to worldwide. My hope was to find some investments for RRSPs to build a retirement fund. Siegel indicated that any good investment strategy should include precious metals.

After over-extending myself and getting caught in a margin call, I was ready to write off my precious metals investment as a loss. At that point WWPM indicated that the "market value" of metals was well below the physical value of metals and I should be able to re-gain my investment with a proper strategy. I followed their advice at that time and subsequently recovered my losses and went well beyond.

It was your advice several years ago that got me back into positive gains. You have provided good advice and kept me informed of market developments. Over the years I have found Dave Belanger and WWPM to be honest and a reliable company to deal with.

DL, Winnipeg
To whom it may concern,

Since the posting of the personal comments that I submitted to the "Wonderclub" website, regarding the experience I had with Worldwide Precious Metals and, in particular, investment advisor Rob McInerney, I must admit hindsight has offered some clarity. Specifically, there was no way for Rob McInerney to predict the severity of the impending financial collapse of 2008.

During my investment time with Worldwide Precious Metals, Mr. McInerney and I spoke on a regular basis about the current market happenings, often in disbelief at what was transpiring. It is only now in 2009, after seeing all that has transpired in the global financial markets over the past two years, I realize the movement made it impossible for anyone to find a safe haven.

I have been educated with this experience, and feel that I am able to recommend both Rob McInerney and Worldwide Precious Metals to be one of the rarest ethical bullion dealership, with the very best in mind for each of their clients. Worldwide Precious Metals therefore has my full support.

In closing, I must underscore that in the future, I will never again trust a blogger with my personal comments as I did with Mr. Sean Ross, who has proven himself to be most unscrupulous in not honouring (nor even responding to) my repeated requests to have my comments removed from his website.

Lauren Willes
Edmonton, Alberta Canada
I'm on the Finance Committee for my church and I'm also the Church Administrator. Awhile back I started to learn about the importance of owning precious metals in one's portfolio, but wasn't really sure how best to go about purchasing them. I eventually began listening to The World Financial Report on AM640 in Toronto. Around this same time I was also asking our Finance Committee to consider having an allocation of precious metals in our church's investments.

The committee was understandably cautious since we had never done such a thing before. During this process I contacted World Wide Precious Metals to learn what would be involved, just in case the committee approved my proposal. I was assigned Dave Belanger as my representative, and with Dave's help and advice, we eventually opened an account and purchased some gold and then later some silver.

Dave keeps me updated on the markets and makes dealing with World Wide a pleasure. I have never felt pressured into making a decision, and he has always been there to answer my questions. As I grew to trust Dave, I eventually opened an account for my mother also. I have no problem recommending Dave to anyone, whether they are ready to buy, or simply just want to learn more about precious metals in general.

Steve S.
To whom it may concern,

I have been asked to provide a personal reference for the above noted company and Senior Dealer, Rob McInerney and I have no problem doing so. I have known Mr. McInerney for over 2 years now and I have had many discussions with him about the bullion and precious metal markets. I have always found him to be personable, honest and well informed. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Paul R. Foisy
Barristers and Solicitors
(780) 428 - 0041
Since moving from my previous dealer to Worldwide Precious Metals, I have received efficient and friendly service, timely recommendations and up-to-date information on the market, which has allowed me to reach a significant gain on my original investment.

Dr. Pravir Patel, DDS, FAGD
Churchill Meadows Dental Centre
Worldwide Precious Metal’s track record and their ability to store or deliver Physical Precious Metals Bullion products are what first drove me to work with them. A relationship built on trust and a strong belief in Physical Precious Metals ownership is what has kept me a client for many years.”

David Morris
owner of Precision Dental Construction.
Over 20 years working with Doctors and Dentists in office design and construction.
Email for reference at pdc2bld@gmail.com.

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