Investing in Platinum

"Platinum has been much more resilient than we expected."

- John Reade

What Is Platinum?

PlatinumPlatinum is a dense greyish-white metal that, like gold, is malleable and can be used in a number of different forms. It is one of the rarest metals on Earth.

What Is Platinum Used For?

Platinum is mainly used in emission control devices, and also is used for:

  • Industrial uses (catalysts in chemical reactions, electrodes)
  • Catalytic converters in vehicles
  • Jewelry and watchmaking
  • Medicine and dentistry
  • Petroleum refining

Why Invest in Platinum?

Reasons that make platinum a good investment include:

  • Platinum is 15 times more rare than gold
  • It currently is only mined in two regions - South Africa and Russia
  • Current stocks are relatively restricted

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