Investing in Palladium

"Palladium is used a lot for electronic purposes -- new usages now that are in the high-tech area. So it has that kind of a very substantive future."

- Bette Raptopoulos

Never heard of palladium? Don't worry - most people haven't.

What Is Palladium?

PalladiumPalladium is a member of the platinum family of metals, a byproduct of platinum and nickel mining. It is a member of the platinum group metals (along with platinum, rhodium, ruthenium, iridium and osmium).

What Is Palladium Used For?

Palladium is mainly used to manufacture catalytic converters, which convert harmful exhaust gases into less harmful substances. It is also used for:

  • Ceramic capacitors for electronics (computers, mobile phones, televisions)
  • Dentistry and medicine
  • Jewelry and watch making

Why Invest in Palladium?

Palladium is going to play a key role in the coming years, as India and China take their places as global economic powerhouses:

  • Increased income means an increase in the call for consumer goods
  • In these billion-plus populations, demand for vehicles and electronics will only go up

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